Breaking (administrative) News!

This is a breaking news update —

It sounds so thrilling on the newscasts when I hear this phrase, but maybe it’s the graphics working their mojo on me.


This blog has a tiny footprint in the blog-sphere. It floats mostly under the radar, and that’s pretty nice. It has the kind of conversational intimacy between people sitting next to each other on an airplane or train. I started it a year and a half or two years ago with no clear purpose – well, okay I had a fuzzy purpose, or purposes. due to increasing clarity, I’ve decided to make a few changes. Rather than continue to have one blog which is a potpourri of everything, I am going to make it more subject-specific. This blog, the original Mermaids Singing, will focus more on philosophy, culture, theology – a topography of the soul. However, because I don’t only think about lofty things, I’m going to move my 1) literary theory, book reviews, writing nonsense to; my 2) baseball as myth and metaphor rants to and my other 3) music, knitting, cooking, gaming, gardening, audiophile, folksy amateur homemaker stuff to a third (fourth) address.

It’s good policy to respect your audience. Hopefully these admin changes will be helpful in following what you’re interested in and ignoring the rest.

Be kind, read well and prosper, Gentle Reader. And, thanks.


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