I (try very hard to) resist confusing authors as people with their work, but I do still refer to their work if it resonates. Resonance doesn’t necessarily make something a piece of art nor does a lack of reverb mean that something is not art. It just means that it’s personal to me, and I use various works freely to assure myself that I am not alone. Attend any concert or book-signing and you’re bound to find others for whom the work works too.

We are less alone.

The primary function of art is to reassure us that we are not alone.

I don’t want to be anyone’s role model or, worse yet, poster child. In 2012 when I posted more frequently, I saw themes developing in my comment sections, things like “Oh, you go, girl!” or “Yes, keep shedding light on these experiences for the betterment of mankind” blah blah blah.

It was well-meant, but it made me stop writing.

Like I said, I’m not your pin-up.

This position is a problem, though, not least because it’s totally hypocritical.

So I propose a treaty between my readers and myself.

I tell stories because I must. Often they are about myself and my experiences because I write about what I know – or about what I don’t understand. When I don’t story-tell, the words ¬†incinerate me from the inside out.

If it happens that something I say reflects someone else’s own stories, well, that is the fair exchange for my finding my reflection in theirs.


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