Metaphor – More Truth than Fact

Fiction and myth are the most powerful tools to discuss truth. Stories are often much more honest than facts.
Zombie (or vampire, or shape-shifter, etc) popularity stems form the headlong dash into the secular. Dismissing “God” as an outdated old-wife’s tale, we reach even farther back into our other mythical symbols: the zombie, the vampire, the dragon, the demon, and so on. We are cool and scientific and not brainwashed by folksy religion, so we hold our physics text in one hand and Twilight in the other.  
We are consumers in an age of disposable junk.
In the name of tolerance, we become relativists.
In the fear of offense or oppression, we starve ourselves.
In the name of understanding, we fear insisting that some things are indeed wrong and some in fact right.
Symbols are powerful because they can be played with safely, and often they can even reconcile apparently contradictory facts or truths.  Our stories and symbols are much, much more truthful than our facts. 
What if we are the zombies?
We pursue money, fame, power, technology, blog followers in a quest to preserve youth and forestall death, always consuming more and more, never full. 
Zombies are stopped by destroying its head – its ego, its self-absorbed endless appetite for narcissistic gratification.
Yet, *that* is what we fear. We fear meaninglessness. We also fear Void. 
We clutch individuality, our identity as one person rather than as a part of a group or community, and we live as the undead, without peace or direction or morality or usefulness.
We may remove religion from conversation, even from pop culture or etiquette, but the question of Why persists. As the world ignores God – Christian or any other except perhaps a product designed by apple in California and built in China – we create a different horror show in which we are meaningless in life but unable to die. 

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