I’ll always love the bloody sock, but after reading this, I agree – the Roberto Clemente award is a much more wonderful accomplishment.

38 Pitches

From Mike Murphy

What was the single most memorable moment of your career? What is the one career accomplishment that means most to you?


An unfair question. There were moments, both good and bad, that are enduring.

Moment I was most proud of? Winning the Roberto Clemente Award in 2001.

Back in the winter before the 1992 season Shonda and I were talking and she asked me “What’s the one award you want to win before your career is over?”

My answer? The Roberto Clemente Award. The reasons were many. Growing up a Pirate fan (my dad was born and raised in Somerset, PA) I was a fan from the time I can remember, around 1971, until I got to the big leagues. I grew up with the Pirates of the ’70’s, which was a great time to be a Bucs fan. My dads favorite player when I was…

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