tricky recipe

disclaimer: this was written, um, a few years ago, during my blue period. as i’ve started writing reviews of other people’s works, it’s only fair to give them a chance to review something i wrote. i sincerely don’t know what i think of this little bit, other than it’s a bit self-aware and unnatural. but, maybe it’s not “bad.” i can’t tell. it oozes earnestness. for better or less than. 


come out come out where-ever you are

but you

can’t catch me i’m the gingerbread girl

catch the ginger-



out of the oven at 350

burnt and howling

as her-


wrenched a way pulled

a part



-self crumbling in (my)

grasping digits

clawing (at) my/-self

he reaches

in and down and through and between



as I search for the wo-man

I despair to

evolve into, grow into — or maybe it’s just disinfect

I stumble over what I am forced to be

the forced me, the cauterized I

slithers to be come

(m)other to my/self

to heal these

burns and lacerations


I will remix the ingredients


and pull myself out


I am burned

then decorate like Christmas


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