Kindness counquers all, even the kindness of strangers

Strangers Raise $56,000 to Help Kids Whose Parents Died in Superstorm Sandy | Team Mom – Yahoo! Shine.

The past few weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed with stories to tell, novels and blog posts, and guitar practice, puppies to train, legal and financial questions — so many things, so many important things.

Sometimes, though, even when I’m centered in my personal fog of wants and needs and impulses, I am reminded that there are many issues, many people whose needs are more acute than mine. Needs that, despite my own sometimes complicated daily life, I can help meet.

The link above is an amazing story. The young woman who is the subject of the “wish” is exceptional; her story is heart-breaking; her courage and resolve are inspiring. She is not the only shocking element of the story: the people who responded to her situation are just as inspiring.

The best part: each one is just an ordinary person. An everyday joe with his or her own challenges, but who sees a need or wish that he can meet, and does, simply because it is right and good do to what we can for others.

Before I return to my more self-absorbed posts about the things I think are important, I ask any reader of this post to please *please* go to this website. Look around. See all the things that you can offer to others — and then offer.

You’ll be amazing at how much you can do to make this life a better place, to create hope in the hopeless, and provide solace for the lonely – even if you are “poor” or “stressed” or “skill-less” or frightened. You can change someone’s fortune, a little bit at a time. Please do so.






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One response to “Kindness counquers all, even the kindness of strangers

  • Raunak

    to be able to give is indeed a true gift in itself. I hate that my government taxes most of my earnings, sits on it, does nothing for the needy and leaves me with nothing to do my part.

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