What the #$%^ just happened?

Was it just me, or did Biden seem a bit “happy” during the debate?  In other words, do you think the munchies run was for brownies or chips?

Kidding aside, The VP’s behavior was, at best, disrespectful, rude, condescending and amateurish during tonight’s Vice Presidential debate.  After about 45 minutes or so, I started to get worried. I mean, there are bad manners – and then there’s drug abuse and psychosis. Is this guy okay in his head? Does he need help? Intervention???

This election is historic, and it really is about two different Americas: there is the America that is becoming more like the European Union, and will surely follow the same ruinous economic path, and there is the more capitalist, smaller government, individual make-your-own fate America.

There are three things I believe. (Well, more than three, but I’ll just stick to three here.)

1) No person, group, or government has the right to tell anyone what his or her morals, beliefs, charitable causes, family relationships, houses of worship (or choosing not to participate in an organized faith), vocabulary, slang, etc etc etc — no one has the right to tell someone else how to live. This goes for both parties. I think government needs to let the citizens make our own decisions about how to construct our families, raise our kids, make our health decisions, and save or invest our money. I won’t tell you how to live; you don’t tell me. I do promise though that I will do what I can to protect your right to live as you believe is best.

2) All the nobel social cause ideals only work if they can be paid for. The money that pays for programs comes from taxes. Taxes are the revenue that the government collects from businesses so that the government can run its programs. So, if people can’t work, then they can’t pay taxes. If they can’t pay taxes, all discussions about military size, healthcare, social security, education, gay marriage or abortion — all these topics become completely academic. For anything else to happen, first, people need to be able to work. Which means that the people who start businesses and try to grow them so they can hire more people need to feel like they are in an environment that will allow their businesses to grow.

3) As Scrooge said in “A Christmas Carol,” “I’ve given my bit to charity. I paid my taxes.” If you tell people which social issues to support and how you will support them by proxy, you leave people with a) less to donate to charities they chose and b) a false sense of having already done “their bit.”  On the other hand, one need only look at Bill and Melinda Gates, or the Romneys for that matter, to see examples of these super-rich “bad guys” doing more for charity than most nations do. They do it because it is right, not because they have to do it.

Charity is a MORAL issue — not a legislative one. You can’t make people be nice to each other.

Just look at Biden tonight. He’s from the warm fuzzy “I’ll take care of you” party — and he acted like a condescending selfish – and possibly drunk or psychotic – out of touch pathological liar. Do you really want him deciding what your moral values should be?

Ryan was right tonight: this election comes down to the America you think we ought to be. I’d remind you that the America we have been for the first 200 years worked pretty damn well, and personally, I’ve never seen a more beautiful, inspiring, gorgeous government than our Founding Constitution. Let’s not change that — let’s live up to it.


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One response to “What the #$%^ just happened?

  • Raunak

    Third continuous night of partying and I missed the debate!!!
    But if it went the way you say it did…then I’m pretty happy 🙂
    Belief 1: totally agree
    Belief 2: totally agree
    Belief 3: somewhat agree

    The responsibility of a government should only be to protect its citizens and their rights.And that is it.

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