Sometimes, it feels like I’m just hovering mid-leap. As though everything is about to happen or has just happened or is on the cusp of happening — but not just yet.

Waiting for November 1st to begin writing for National Novel Writing Month. And worrying about what to write.

Waiting for the next holiday or anniversary to celebrate. And worrying that I won’t be prepared. Forget to roast the turkey or something.

Waiting for the Red Sox to hire a new manager. Just plain worry on that front.

Waiting for the election. Sheer terror.

Waiting for my very own dragon by James Owen to arrive!! Gleeful anticipation!!

Waiting for others to do their bit so I can do mine…. *sigh*

And waiting for that really cool new VW commercial with the middle-aged white guy air drumming to “Fly by Night” to come on again. 😀


I try to remember that waiting isn’t really doing much of anything, that it’s more like watching your life go by you. Then again, it is a state of being, too…. So perhaps that is a kind of mental action and not just, I don’t know, watching my nail polish dry?

Can waiting be an activity? Perhaps I’ll wait to tomorrow, see if I figure it out then.


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3 responses to “Waiting

  • Raunak

    I wish I could be paid by the hour for waiting. I’d be a billionaire by now 🙂

  • Sarah Bridgeton

    Writing will bring you a new set of worries.Do the sentences make sense? Are my characters believable? Is the writing good? These worries will distract you from your other worries. For me, writing brings balance to my life. I worry less about the things out of my control. And the creativity in writing is an absolute joy.

    Looking forward to reading whatever you write 🙂

    • Shannon Blue Christensen

      Oh, Sarah, I really like this perspective. Mind if I adopt it?

      I am *very* nervous about the writing — but excited, too. I will share. *gulp, with a side of nail-biting*

      I’m still looking forward to reading “Next Year in Israel.” I really enjoyed “The Undiscovered Novelist.” It comes to mind often, actually. 🙂

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