Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend….

… Real women like them on phono cartridges.

The best use for these pretty babies is on high end audio equipment, the kind that sounds even better than Memorex. Our ortofon cartridge has finally returned to its rightful place on our turntable, and this sweetheart sings! (Hence the blog-silence. I’ve been *busy.*)

We warmed it up with Beethoven’s 9th. Just a few measures in, I started to tear up. I was sobbing by the end; it was so perfect. Afterwards, we cranked some Chili Peppers and then some Rush. Even 2112 sounds extra-musical in response to the ortofon’s gentle touch. 🙂  I’d forgotten – I mean, the Denon was a respectable, enjoyable piece of bling. But this – this is…. phenomenal.


Philosophers may say that Bliss can be found in loss of self or in service — but I find it in high-end audio equipment.




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