Balance of Power

The Obama Press Votes Early.


I find this article prescient. Modern life in the US more closely resembles Orwell’s world than Reagan’s. Concepts which used to be the domain of science fiction have become everyday routine.


We in the States no longer have a free press. I do not think that the danger of the absence of a free press can be overstated.

Just last week, reports came out detailing how our own Justice Department has used media outlets to silence unflattering stories and even create stories to distract the public from current events.

The manipulation of the press is equivalent to state-sponsored media in the Cold War Eastern Block, in North Korea, and in China. A significant difference is that we Americans seem to be under the impression that our press and media are indeed free — a misunderstanding rendering the press that much more powerful and our citizens even less free.


Equally terrifying is the complacency of most of the population. Where is the outrage? Has it truly been drowned by the Kool-Aid?


And, if so, and if History remains true, when should we anticipate revolution? For no society tolerates repression and misdirection indefinately. This abuse of power is the original reason the Founders added the Second Amendment: to preserve a free people’s right to overturn a corrupt and dictarial government if peaceful elections no longer succeed.


I never thought that Americans would so willingly hand over our freedom. Yet here we are, passively giving it away while the monsters around the world burn our buildings and kill our citizens.


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4 responses to “Balance of Power

  • Raunak

    The bias in the media has sometimes reached sickening levels. Don’t they realize how dangerous it is to present false interpretations? Doesn’t the media realize its responsibilities?
    In India the government doesn’t directly influence any broadcasting network.But it has figured out a way to deal with scandals that are exposed in the media. As soon as one scandal is creating a storm in the nation, either expose another scam or announce a controversial legislation to divert attention from the previous one. Our government’s been doing this for the last 3 years and has mastered the art.
    Some of our media houses are corrupt, but none biased. Their only leaning is towards where the money is, nothing to do with ideologies.

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