Please read this alongside my post from today called “9/11 and Screeching In.” God bless the Newfies.


Like many tragic dates, most people know exactly where they were on September 11, 2001. I’m very blessed to be in a situation of having lived a remarkably positive experience while so many were left helpless, afraid or tramatized.
September 11 was a record breaking hot day in Gander and it was very warm in the classrooms of Gander Academy. The school was in the midst of a strike by support workers, meaning bus drivers and cleaning staff were on picket lines and parents were responsible for transportation to and from school. Due to our population of around 900 students a staggered entrance and dismissal time was arranged. When parents started appearing mid, morning we just figured the times were being stretched a bit but a mother told me she’d heard a plane struck the Twin Towers in New York.
My first reaction is surprise and then I moved on…

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