Valuable Priorities

As documented in earlier posts, our recent travels convinced me that leaving my guitar at home is stupid. Never again will I go anywhere beyond a 50 mile radius without my Lag or my Teisco / Fender.

We finally got home late last night. We unpacked, snacked, checked the leaks in our roof, and generally luxuriated in the comfort of being home. I walked into our bedroom and glanced into our daughter’s. To my horror, I saw a huge – and I mean the size of a soccer ball – hole in the outside wall of her room. The plaster had peeled off and the whatever-they-used-to-build-it was just hanging out over the head of my daughter’s bed. My husband had already assured me that he had checked already and not found any new water damage. Looking at this hole, though, I thought, “He must have not looked *down* from the ceiling when he came into this room.”

I knew where Geoff was, and I knew that our daughter and our puppy were in the yard, so my peeps were accounted for. As I turned to my left to holler for Geoff, I noticed that a decorative hanging from India brought to our daughter by my aunt was missing.

Massively bewildered, I thought, “What the -? Have we been *robbed?*” I retraced my steps – no doors had been forced, no windows broken. Nothing else was damaged or missing. Not that we really own much worth stealing, but still. There’s this really damn huge hole in the wall and this souvenir is missing. Losing all logic, I dashed into my bedroom to check the contents. I slammed the door open – both my guitars were right where I left them. I ran back downstairs. Where’s the Fender??? Still there, still reeking of patchouli from its prior owner. (I knew our stereo was still in place because, frankly, its huge, it would take three men and a truck to move, and I’d already given it several loving looks when I entered the living room an hour earlier.)

Geoff joined me back in Bella’s room. “What did I miss?”

“Did you see that hole in her wall?”

“Oh, yeah. That happened just before we left. I already talked to her about it.”

Gaping, I stared at him. “It’s not new?”

“Nope. And, it’s dry. The wall needs to be replaced anyway. What’s up?”

“No one broke in?”

Geoff, kindly, tried to not smile. “Um, honey, how?”

Starting to giggle, I acknowledged that there was no other sign of destruction, but I had been so surprised by the hole and the missing chain of elephants, that….


“Well, I needed to make sure that nothing else was missing. So -”


“Well, I went into our room, and both my guitars are still there, so -”

Geoff guffawed. Honestly. A real guffaw. “Let me guess. Then, you checked on –

“-the amp.” We both said. “Yep. It’s still there.” Smirking, I added, “I didn’t bother checking on my jewelry.”

“I didn’t think you would have. Good to know your priorities, sweetheart.”


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