I’ve been thinking a great deal about running recently. Running from something, running towards something, running for escape or to win. Running to be first to a sale at Neimans … 🙂

I’ve always been curious about runners. Running wears down the joints, jars the back, and makes your butt giggle as you bounce down the street. Plus, it hurts. It hurts to breathe, hurts to move, causes muscles to cramp and burn. Why on earth would anyone do this willingly???

The hurt is a matter of perspective. Is it pain indicating injury (in which case, stop!) or is it the discomfort of growth (in which case, you’re heading in the right direction – keep it up!)? Strength is earned. Endurance is gained through practice and determination. Nothing – nothing – is gained by avoiding discomfort.

I went for a run yesterday, just to see if I could. Considering the origin of any discomfort, I wanted to see just how much I could do, if I allowed myself to try.

Now, for those who are runners, all I accomplished was a warm-up. But, for me, I went farther, faster, and for longer than I thought I could ever do.

I want to know how much more I can do. In April, I could not walk around my block without passing out. Yesterday, part of my exercise was a 20 minute run on the beach. If I try, can I sustain an hour’s run by the end of this year?


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