Withdrawal, or It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time…

So, currently the family and I are visiting the rest of the family someplace a few hours from home. It’s very fun, great to see everyone, and my in-laws are three houses from an outstanding beach, so it’s good. Very good.

Except –

My guitar had to stay home. Between a desire to not drive the neighborhood insane while I argue with the metronome (I’m convinced that that thing is the Devil Itself), and the addition of a puppy to our family, there just wasn’t enough room, not even enough for the acoustic Lag.

I’m consoling myself – trying to – by having lots and lots of books about music (musicians, history of music, music theory – which is just fucking awesome) and a daily email letter from Guitar World. I really thought I would be okay.

I am really *not* okay. I miss my Lag. I miss my Teisco del Ray. I miss my Lil’ Night Train and my Fender amp. I am *lonely.* The tips of my fingers are getting softer. I’m pissed off, frustrated, and just plain cantankerous.

What was I thinking, not bringing the Lag? It’s part of my family, too!! Hell, it even sleeps in my bedroom. (My husband, fortunately, is very supportive. In fact, he’s the one who gave me the Teisco, the Vox, and the Fender amp, which I have lovingly named “Stan.” I love my man.)

I’m never traveling without the Lag (at least) again. That was a very bad idea.




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