Book Review: “Espresso Fiction: A Collection of Flash Fiction for the Average Joe”

by Fiction Brigade

Disclosure: I didn’t finish this collection. I tried, I really did, several times. But it was just too awful.

This is an assembly of extremely brief forays into creative writing. Each one is hyper short, only slightly longer than a “tweet.” I was excited by this idea; I thought it would be a small treasure of tightly crafted, almost prose-poem-like storytelling.

It isn’t.

It is, rather, a masturbatory self-indulgent expose begging for adoration. You know you’re in trouble when each little bit has an author’s bio full of excuses as to why he or she isn’t a widely known Writer. No, they are all Artists! who have day jobs merely to feed the mortal coil while they preserve through angst and sorrow in this time of illiteracy and social media. Folks, they aren’t artists. Many of them don’t even have a basic grasp of grammar or the essentials of storytelling. Each one is consumed with a desire to be unique, unusual , and dramatic. These writers are self-aware, full of self-love, and convinced of their brilliance. It was actually embarrassing to read. Not for me, mind you, but for them.

First tip for writers: tell a story first, and be sure to let your readers know why they ought to care about the story. If you absolutely must, get artsy and stylish during the editing process.


EDITOR’S NOTE 14 Aug 2012:

I posted this review yesterday on amazon as well as here. Today, the editors responded to my post — and did a top notch job of it, too. Check it out. It’s really worth seeing. 🙂


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