Presumably, one begins blogging because one wants readers. We all want an audience, it seems, for the most mundane events of our days. Fancying ourselves poet-mystics and idiot savants, we dribble out opinions (sometimes ours) without credential or accountability (see earlier posts, such as “Authorship,” for more on this notion).

The Internet is glorious in its democracy. Everyone with a jack can get it on. And, true to its mathematical programming, sites become famous infamous notorious over-night.

Does anyone else enjoy the humor in the phrase “it’s gone viral?” *Viral?* As in something one gets sick from upon exposure? As in something contagious and to be avoided? Something for which there is no cure but time?

This tiny blog began a few months ago with very few readers, with very many advocates. I gathered a few stray thoughts and began to put them into the data stream, and it’s clear that even from the Form of the blog itself, it’s a Thing in motion, a heaving, cryptic, confused mess of a beast. Beast it may be, but it’s beginning to get a little bit of notice.

I find that I’m a bit confused as to how I feel about this.

Don’t confuse my meaning: I want my audience. I want to know what you think, when you think about the things on my mind. I want the ripples of my movement to spread rhythmically across continents. But, I want my privacy, too.

The more I “post,” the more people read. The more “tags,” the more “hits.” (Again with the verbiage: “hits?” Really?) Suddenly, something which was a past-time and hobby is beginning to transgress into a responsibility, an online persona.

And I wonder, what kind of audience do I have?




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One response to “Prolifery

  • Ignorethebucklesonmyjacket

    I am VERY new around here, but I can get this started. I am an ex-budding journalist who has found his way back to “creating” in the world of “funny.” Although I am serious about a lot of things, I really don’t use this platform as means to push an agenda. I try to give those I am “around” at least one chuckle a day.

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