Balancing Acts…

Several months ago, this blog began at the prodding, prompting, and forceful encouragement of several friends.  To them, I am very grateful. They are all right: the only way to address a fear of the blank screen is to start typing on it. I still haven’t quite figured out what this thing is, though. I think of new ideas for posts often through my day, but often do not actually sit to write them down. In moments of self-flagellation, I call myself a slacker and berate my avoidance of this responsibility I claim to love or enjoy. In more gentle moments, I acknowledge that the details of daily life such as laundry, groceries, homeschooling, etc. won’t do themselves, and that I should probably congratulate myself on taking care of my family and myself. I am not sure that either perspective is incorrect.

So much of what one does and is is revealed in the balance we find each day, and over time. One’s days excess or avoidance of something can be counterbalanced by the actions of the following week — or even the following year. It is wise to wonder about how we fill our hours at the beginning and end of each day. Review our To Do List, and see what we did. But the measure of a person is actually that individual’s decisions over time, and not merely in one hour of concentrated attention.

There are chores to do routinely, and there are projects to take on and complete. There are also the things we ought to do – things like going for a run or practicing an instrument (or posting on a blog): things we want and ought to do, but which will not cause  lightening to strike us dead if we delay for just one more hour, just one more day. Here is my quandary: the “one more day, do it tomorrow” often easily becomes two or three more days, and then next week, and then suddenly it’s been months —- and what have I done?  If it’s important to me, if it’s a piece of me, shouldn’t it be higher on my List? Granted, I spend a ridiculous amount of time observing and considering before I actually write anything. Does this time “count” towards the time I invest in my project? Or am I just making myself feel less guilty?

If balance is the key, then what is the data set? Balance is awfully hard to attain in just one day. Do I consider one week, or two, or a month? I have not decided yet.  In the spirit of trying something new – and because I’m very curious about this feature WordPress has – I’m going to set up a poll.  Please add your response, plus any comments below.


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