A Lack of Internet Chatter

I observe that many act as those it is essential “to blog” everyday, or damn near close to it.

I also observe that the mere act of talking does not mean that someone has something to say, or at least, something to say worth hearing.

Most of my readers are aware that my full-time professional pursuit is currently the treatment of my PTSD, caused primarily by an extensive history of child abuse, an even worse first husband, and one incident of date rape for garnish. If you didn’t know this, you do now, and I think you should. I think any of my readers should know that this is a lens with which I work daily. It informs me as well as hinders me, and while it produces Great Episodes of Opinion and Enlightenment, it also causes silence. Silence, during which I continue my observations of the world around me, and more importantly, of myself.

There are other lenses which I frequently use. I worked in business, specifically biotech, compliance, project management and operations for years. Great times. I worked in the theater for even longer. Educational times. Sometimes great. I also use the Mother lens, the Wife lens, the historian lens, the classically educated lens, the devout religious lens, the political lens, the medical patient lens, the caregiver lens, the prep school / boarding school lens, and the California Girl lens. Of increasing frequency and identifying importance, I use the Storyteller lens.

Please note, I do not refer to the stories which are written and disseminated as fiction, urban fantasy, historical fiction, criticism and philosophy, etc. I refer here to the role, the traditional being of the Storyteller, the keeper of histories, truths, legends, and collective memory and culture. Storytelling, as described by Wikipedia

This is an example of traditional Storytelling when translation into written culture is attempted:

[Grrr Argh. I attempted to insert a link to Leslie Marmon Silko’s 1981 opus entitled, of course, Storyteller, but all efforts failed. Probably a software cliche. I recommend Googling it.  Ah – Storyteller, by Leslie Marmon Silko; “Browncoat” friends, please excuse the use of an Amazon, and not an independent link.  Not a software glitch, but user error instead.]


Like wind,

Truths drift across continents.

Gusting, hate dissembles.

Breezes play.

Zephyrs caress, hold, release.

Permanent in fleeting,

Histories preserve in

Future dreams.

Like wind over firmament,

Stories course

Like blood and breath.


Telling a story requires the art of listening to one. Words are sometimes used, but often it is in our silent moments that myths are woven. In my silence, in the silence of this blog, I listen. I absorb all I see, hear, and especially touch.  When translated, I can share these with you. Share part of our shared history.

Lakota storyteller: painting.

Lakota storyteller: painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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