Additional Lenten Information

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Bishop Lane invites individuals and congregations to join him in this challenge starting in Lent.  Following this schedule of daily readings, you will be able to read the entire Bible in a year, from Lent to Lent.  Read devotionally—not as an intellectual or academic exercise.  (Piety, rather than study.)  Each day’s readings include 3 chapters of an Old Testament book; one Psalm; and one chapter from the New Testament.  Click… …for a schedule of readings that begins on Ash Wednesday (February 22) and ends on Shrove Tuesday (February 12, 2013).  Or if you shy away from commitment to reading the WHOLE Bible in one year, you might begin more modestly this year, using part of this schedule, for example, (1) to read the entire New Testament, or (2) read one of the Gospels each day, or (3) read the whole book of Psalms. Then next year in Lent you can start the schedule over again, using more of the readings for those days.  Invite family members and friends who aren’t church members to read with you. Your chances of following through with this commitment are better if you tell others, and ask for their support. 


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