Butterfly wings cause….

Blog’s been quiet awhile, I know. Didn’t intend that, just happened. Sometimes after lecturing (see previous three posts), I need a break. A break is not synonymous with a stop, though. More like a change in cadence, a shift in rhythm.

Along the lines of “things that are related in my mind, but probably appear to be unrelated to everyone else,” we’ve been having a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” marathon lately. We just closed out Season five. Riley the White Bread boy is gone; Buffy has died; Spike is the best man she never had. Joss Whedon and team have such a beautiful way of illustrating relationships, of brightening humanity’s deepest and most frightening nightmares and correlating moments of kindness. The humans are the worst villains and often the monsters are the most humane. Plus, he’s funny as hell. ‘Course, “Firefly” was even better than “Buffy,” but it’s close.

So all this exposition is to state that in my silence I’ve been observing all manner of relations around me, both real and fictional. I don’t feel like attempting profundity today, so I’ll just continue tending my butterflies, and be back soon.


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