The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady, or Integrity

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I wonder what the world looked like to Charles Mingus. They called him crazy, you know. But I think they just couldn’t hear. Mingus adds credence to my own personal chaos theory, the one that describes an increase in dissonance as a corresponding increase in synchronicity. Don’t think about that too hard. Step back, look again. It will make sense. And if it doesn’t, well, maybe I’m sitting at a different table in the room than you are. That could change the view. My daughter sees it, though. This afternoon, we listened to “The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady” and while she danced and jumped and yelled like a Pentecostal visionary, I lounged on the couch, imagining the taste of smokey Cabernet mixed with sweat and heat and howling lingering licking detailed corded sex. Fits perfectly.

Take a step back, and enjoy the view.

On an associated note (yes, really, they do correlate), I’ve been spending all my hours waking and sleeping pondering the nature and the why of relationships in all their color and varietals. We have our various kinds of friends, and then our various kinds of families – the ones we select off the vine and chose, and the ones we inherited from other people’s previous selections. I have a growing appreciation for the challenges a wine master faces each season. As you regard the bottles you have received from others, do you think that you are obligated to keep each one, simply because it was shoved upon you, or do you think you can select bottles from the collection, and dispose of the “skunked” ones? Are you responsible for someone else’s past decisions and indecisions? There is a limit to how large one’s cellar can be, and space for only so many bottles. Do you have to keep a Riesling if you can’t stand white wine?

I don’t think you do.

So the next question is this: are you prepared for the fallout when you decide to stop carrying someone else’s bottles? Broken glass makes exceptional weaponry, and people don’t well tolerate changes in their defensive alignments. Are you prepared to stop nurturing someone else’s strategic weaknesses? Just be ready. They may not be your fears, but you will be asked to pay their price anyway. Can you say “no” to picking up someone else’s tab, even at the risk of others not seeing your vision and calling you crazy?

When the light darkens outside, and the view is a reflection of yourself, will you be able to tolerate what you see?


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